The Planet Connects for Good

 Have you ever experienced the power of true Global Connection?

Introducing tuvuga , a revolutionary social media network that can bring all possibilities of true global connection to life.

tuvuga, (pronounced ‘tuh-voo-ga’) a Kinyarwandan word meaning ‘we speak,’ is a groundbreaking online Global Media and Social Network that gives everyone a chance to speak and be heard, within the comfort of their own respective languages. Reaching beyond just family, friends and colleagues, it’s the new platform where people from around the globe can search for meaningful content and connect to each other to find solutions and share experiences on matters that they have in common, without the barrier of language



The Planet

Who can use tuvuga

Everyone! Regardless of language or whether you have internet or not, as long as you have a mobile device, the tuvuga experience opens up a world without the barrier of language, serving all who want to speak and share.



Why we need tuvuga

The tuvuga experience is a platform that delivers meaningful, relevant multimedia interconnectivity, communication and collaboration without the barrier of language, enabling its users to bridge cultural, network, discipline and industry silos.


For Good

How to use tuvuga

The tuvuga experience is a powerful experience, a revolutionary change from previous communication processes. By removing the barrier of language, it enables users to action without fear nor ignorance, to create positive impact and growth around the world.

tuvuga will change the way we communicate with one another

no matter what language you speak and no matter where you are on this planet


tuvuga breaks down language barriers for true Human connection


tuvuga is available through mobile devices, with or without the internet

Plays nicely with others

tuvuga enables you to collect, share and enjoy content all in one place


The tuvuga experience is coming!



Select organizations seeking transformative change will be participating in tuvuga’s upcoming beta. These organizations will help tuvuga move closer to optimum global performance with their demands of competitive edge, product innovation, bridging global gaps and grassroots efforts, and need for virtual alliances.

After this initial private beta, tuvuga will open the doors to its public beta in which a wider global user base will provide further insights to enhance the tuvuga experience for launch.


Powered by Leadership, Experience, Innovation

The magic of tuvuga was already present before its inception. Almost all the people powering tuvuga joined through kismet, as if a larger force insisting on its creation was conspiring to draw together people with the right experiences, skill sets and global perspectives. The diversity in age, backgrounds and countries of origin provides a rich tapestry of culture and expertise which in turn nurture quality user experience. Thus the tuvuga experience can be defined as not just an extrinsic delivery but also an intrinsic part of our personal values.