Who can use tuvuga?


Regardless of language or whether you have internet or not, as long as you have a mobile device, the world without the barrier of language is open for you, serving all who want to speak and share.

How large is tuvuga’s potential ecosystem of Users?

  • 3.6 billion internet Users
    • 4.17 billion internet Users by 2020
  • 6.9 billion cell phone Users
    • 9 billion cell phone Users by 2020
  • 2.6 billion smartphone Users
    • 6.1 billion smartphone Users by 2020


  Individual Users

  • tuvuga serves users and activities of all sorts: casual consumers just surfing tuvuga and adding an occasional comment or two; engaged users sharing passions to look gain more knowledge or simply making the world laugh; or cultural influencers and blogging powerhouses sharing life lessons and visions of ideal.
  • tuvuga encourages, empowers and enables! With tuvuga, you can overcome language and cultural barriers to build communities, give and receive support, establish and nurture relationships beyond borders, connect in the growing gig economy and maybe even build world peace one post at a time!


  Organizations & Companies

  • tuvuga’s worldwide applications are unlimited with its ability to overcome language barriers and meaningfully connect global brands and organizations with PC and mobile users in developed and emerging markets, as well as companies in different verticals and industries of which ideas and innovations will stem from the power of cross pollination.
  • With tuvuga as its connectivity tool, small companies to large corporations in today’s connection economy are able to have B2B and B2C collaboration and seamlessly transition from platform to platform.
  • Reducing silos with tuvuga, for profit and non-profit organizations, all industries including media and government, are able to enjoy more efficient connections, increased effectiveness in internal and external processes, new ideas leading to new innovations, deeper data analysis, rapid audience buildup with meaningful engagement, acceleration to wider exposure, healthier brands, higher revenues and much more. All with language and cultural sensitivities.
  • For media companies, tuvuga provides a platform to deliver meaningful content and deeper interaction with audiences who yearn for trustworthy information and quality entertainment to constantly enrich their lives

Cross Pollination between Industries

Cross pollination enables the exchange of ideas, knowledge and even skills between people with diverse backgrounds and between organizations and industries, to bring about new ways of thinking and doing, thus making all willing participants stronger, more productive and better connected.

Why we need tuvuga

The tuvuga experience is a platform that delivers meaningful, relevant multimedia interconnectivity, communication and collaboration without the barrier of language, enabling its users to bridge cultural, network, discipline and industry silos.

While many of us believe that the internet and telecommunications have connected the world, language is still a formidable barrier in global market. With over 7,000 distinct languages, Earth’s 7 billion citizens in nearly 200 countries are still not truly connecting*. English may seem universal but it is only the third most spoken language after Mandarin and Spanish.

This means huge gaps in our collective intelligence. This means for the world and its connection economy, sectarianism and alienation, untapped wealth of knowledge, missed friendships and collaborations, economic disparities, social and political crises, and many other human-based issues, large and small.

But what if, we found a way to bridge those gaps? Simply by finding a place where we can talk to each other meaningfully, without language barriers, to overcome cultural prejudices, to share our knowledge and passions, to find solutions together, to do good for our world? What if life-changing information is communicated in a language that people understand, so circumstances such as health, education and income per capita can improve?


Are we truly connected Globally? No.

Current Challenges

Current Platforms


True Global collaboration platform without language barriers

Not Available


To enhance the language accuracy for the vernacular there must be a platform that uses language algorithms and uses them often

Not Available


Worldwide synchronized product, brand or event launches, without the barrier of language

Not Available


A simple one-stop-shop resource aggregating relevant organizations and people to collaborate on like causes without the barrier of language

Not Available


Follow-ups to international summit meetings: collaboration without the barrier of language on one platform in an public or private portal

Not Available


How do we use tuvuga

The true power of tuvuga is the power of cross pollination facilitated by universal translation, which enables sharing, collaborating, and understanding without barriers.

 It means innovation, energy and the collective intelligence between diverse people, cultures and industry verticals.

 It means communities working and playing together to support each other and create new solutions and experiences.

 It means unending potential and possibilities for bettering the world.

 It means The Planet Connects For Good.

Just Imagine

This is just a microcosmic illustration of how tuvuga can be applied. Just within these four example arenas, tuvuga can enable greater global collaboration and innovation. And cross-pollinated collaborations between two different industries could birth new progressive ideations and initiatives. Just think about the unending possibilities if everyone and all industries joined in!