Breaking Down Barriers Bridging Global Gaps

Giving 7 Billion people a way to connect on what matters most.

There's a smarter way to reach a global audience

tuvuga (pronounced ‘tuh-voo-ga’), a Kinyarwandan word meaning ‘we speak,’ is an interest-based communications platform where people globally, with common interests, come together to have a meaningful conversation. 

Whether it be healthcare, education, sciences, history, civil rights, social movements, entertainment (to name a few!), every user is given a virtual passport to other countries because language is no barrier.  Use your voice to join a global conversation on what matters most to you.

  • A medical doctor from Germany can reach out to a medical doctor in Brazil on a successful treatment method of a rare cancer. 

  • Conversations can be had during FIFA World Cup between those watching among many countries. And what about the Olympics?!

  • Academics and archaeologists from different parts of the globe can collaborate on a historical finding in the Middle East.

  • Have a conversation on the #MeTooMovement with women in the USA, Africa, Asia...and generate more social movements.

  • International economic development students can discuss the economies in Mexico with those that actually live with the realities of that system. 

...because language is no barrier. That's the tuvuga experience!

IMPACT: Cross-Pollinating your interests

What tuvuga offers


Global collaboration without language barriers? Now that's a real global community!

Our greatest opportunities are global: rising from poverty, access to healthcare, promoting civility and understanding, climate change, averting pandemics, responding to terrorism, voicing basic human rights and supporting those with movements. 

We’re stronger together as a global community but what about the language barriers? 

Using language technologies available today, tuvuga aims to utilize the innovation of language technologies for everyday conversations. Language translation technologies can't evolve unless there is a platform where language translation is used every day and all day among 7 Continents and 195 countries with people conversing on what matters most to them.

Understanding 'cultures' starts with understanding each other first. 


Interest-Based Communities

How many of your friends and family have your same interests? With tuvuga, you can join communities of interest to YOU and find a deeper level of conversation across the ocean beyond your family, friends and colleagues. Imagine the conversations and new ideas in communities of common interests. That's the tuvuga experience!

"I believe the future of work will focus largely around community. And what better way to explore the future of work than to create an environment for collaboration and community to thrive." --Simon Sinek


Emerging Markets are Ready for Change!

tuvuga is the perfect platform to bring together people, organizations and their solutions to collaborate and work productively in the areas of healthcare, education, the environment, economic development and other opportunities in emerging markets. 

A global problem requires a global solution.   

The Beta

What are your community interests?





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Cultures of the World


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Physical and Biological Sciences


Generations Y, Z and Alpha


Participating in big conversations will change the world.

Cross-Pollination for IMPACT


Bridging 'Interests' for greater IMPACT through Cross-Pollination

What do you get when you put a healthcare issue of contaminated water with sports teams and environmentalists? A solution! 

Healthcare workers identify a health crisis, the sports teams put together a funding campaign to raise money and the environmentalists use the funds to build systems for sustainable water to avert a health crisis. Now that's cross-pollinating teams for IMPACT!

Cross-pollination determines the speed of impact on innovation. Like minds…well, they think alike. But, diverse cultures, experiences, skills and thinking bring more ideas, resulting in a higher impact on valuable and effective innovations. 

tuvuga's cross-pollination algorithms will make suggestions within your global communities with other industries for IMPACT. Get ready!

Walter Lippmann: "Where all think alike, then no one is thinking."