A Platform to drive your applications globally

There's a smarter way to reach a global audience

Introducing tuvuga, a platform that connects disruptive networks and communities via technology solutions. It's a new type of platform coming into BETA where language is no barrier. Whether it be healthcare, education, sciences, history, civil rights, social movements, entertainment (to name a few!), tuvuga users are given a virtual passport to participate in conversations around the world

tuvuga (pronounced ‘tuh-voo-ga’), a Kinyarwandan word meaning ‘we speak,’ is a mission-based interest-based communications platform where people globally, with common interests, come together to have a meaningful conversation through our unique algorithms of global participation and global conversation

Through the platform, tuvuga will provide feature functionalities and apps that are in line with our mission and vision to help users to go from inspiration to action with communities and interests they care about.

  • A medical application that can allow for a doctor from Germany to reach out to a medical doctor in Brazil on a successful treatment method of a rare cancer. 

  • Sports app created to engage sports enthusiasts around the world to have conversations during FIFA World Cup. And what about the Olympics?!


  • #MeTooMovement app to generate more awareness and social movements around the world.


 ...because language is no barrier. That’s the tuvuga experience coming into BETA.

 “Today, for the very first time in history, pretty much anyone can have a global impact.” 

-- Steven Kotler, author, journalist, entrepreneur 

What tuvuga offers


Global collaboration without language barriers? Now that’s real crowdsourcing power!

Our greatest opportunities are global: rising from poverty, access to healthcare, promoting civility and understanding, climate change, averting pandemics, responding to terrorism, voicing basic human rights and supporting those with movements. 

For users who want to make a positive change in the world, our tuvuga platform delivers! It’s technology of proprietary hardware and software is used as a base upon which other applications can be run. tuvuga will pull together select applications designed and developed by you, coupled with our complementary functionalities and algorithms. This means empowerment at a global participation level with global conversations where language is no barrier. 

  • Imagine an app for archeologists and historians from different continents enabling them to collaborate on a new finding in a Middle East site that could change how we understand our past.

  • Imagine an app for students studying international economic development to discuss and create real world solutions with and for those in Mexico or Haiti who are living with the realities of their limited systems.

Right now, we're planning our first gateway app to introduce the tuvuga experience to the younger generation. 


Interest-Based Communities

"I believe the future of work will focus largely around community. And what better way to explore the future of work than to create an environment for collaboration and community to thrive." 

--Simon Sinek

There is an awakening going on in the world that points to the importance of one’s life’s purpose. When people are rallied through their common interests, be it with friends and family or with strangers from other countries, deeper conversations happen, along with deeper learning and desire to be better and make things better. And, the tuvuga platform gives them the power to make all that possible.


The Power of the tuvuga Platform

With such power and motivation at their fingertips, tuvuga is the perfect vehicle to bring together people, organizations and their innovative applications to collaborate and work productively in the areas of business, healthcare, education, the environment, economic development and other opportunities. With so many hearts and minds working in tandem, the possibilities for new and exciting solutions, betterment and growth are endless! 

  "Participation in big conversation will change the world" --Unknown 

Cross-Pollination for Greater IMPACT


In addition to bringing the experiences of your interests and passions to the next level, tuvuga has proprietary cross-pollination algorithms that expand new possibilities between its interest-based communities.

As seen in nature, cross-pollination produces new and exciting solutions and results, accelerating the impact of innovation. Paving the way for out-of-the-box thinking, tuvuga’s aggregation of experiences, skills and ideation between diverse cultures and different industries and topics leads to more relevant, more valuable and valued learnings, products and services.

By bringing together, for example, the healthcare issue of contaminated water with sports teams and environmentalists, tuvuga enables the formation of a new community that could have the sports celebrities create a campaign to raise money which will help the environmentalists build systems for sustainable water to avert a health crisis. 

Now that's cross-pollinating communities for IMPACT!

 “Our differences are our strength as a species and as a world community.”  -- Nelson Mandela