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tuvuga didn’t just go out and build an application; we researched ‘the’ Market, cultivated global relationships and studied ‘why’ giant platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn were not conducive to global communication for organizations/communities and individuals.

Why is there still a problem in trying to communicate between these global markets?

#1 – Narrowly defined social maps of family, friends and colleagues 

#2 – Language barriers

#3 – Small emerging markets are not priority

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Karin Hohman President, Strategic Health Concepts

 “Working in the international health arena, I can say the most important factor of success and progress is the ability to make and sustain relationships.  These relationships are with people who share challenges, experiences, values – but who often do not share the same language.  tuvuga doesn’t just break down language and relationship barriers, it builds a community that can share ideas, solve problems, connect and unite people in ways that have never existed before.” 

Loyce Pace Executive Director , Global Health Council

 “We’ve all witnessed the power of the patient community. Imagine being able to connect those patients across the globe. People affected by cancer and other all-too-common conditions can tell their stories in a way that moves a wide audience, and realize their shared experiences in a way that offers better hope and understanding of their disease. This is critical in my work mobilizing survivor advocates. We need these collective voices to help people everywhere relate to the cancer journey and address the burden, accordingly. I embrace the promise of tuvuga and the patient-centered platform it creates.” 

Myrl Weinberg Immediate Past Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Council

“tuvuga, by providing instantaneous translations of languages, will enable individual and group conversations that have the potential to exponentially improve health and health care across the globe. People with, or at risk of developing, a chronic disease will be able to connect with anyone anywhere in the world to share information about their condition, its symptoms and their course(s) of treatments.  They also will learn how to be effective participants in setting research priorities, joining a clinical trial and advocating for more research and better care. tuvuga will foster communications between individuals, organizations, businesses and governments — communications that will rapidly expand knowledge, connections, and progress.” 

Michael Susco President, Telamon Insurance & Financial Network

 “Telamon Insurance & Financial Network has always been there for customers and are always on a lookout for new ones to whom we can be of service. A platform such as tuvuga will help create a viable customer service portal that can help educate and create awareness among our existing customers regarding new products and service enhancements of the seemingly complex insurance industry. Additionally, tuvuga could also help us grow our customer base by reaching out to non-English speakers in a meaningful and culturally empathetic way without the barrier of language.” 

Scott W. Organ, MD Orthopaedic Surgeon – Sports Medicine Specialist

 “As a physician, I believe tuvuga will revolutionize health care to a truly patient-centric system. tuvuga provides real time translation between multiple languages allowing patients to share their experience and treatment protocols world wide; without the barrier of language.  Physicians and Pharma will benefit as well; allowing for delivery of better health care, especially in developing nations. We live in the Information Age and patients the world over will enjoy unfettered access to health care information and allow them to direct their treatment and wellness like never before.  

Amelie G. Ramirez, MPH, DrPH Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Cultural and linguistic competence is paramount for a successful cancer journey for Latinos and all racial/ethnic populations. I am impressed by how much Tuvuga takes the sentiment and amplifies it to help overcome typical barriers and connect people from all sides of the cancer journey, from patients and their families to healthcare providers and their teams, to researchers and academics, clinical trial organizers, and more. This is a fantastic place for people to share stories and resources from all backgrounds and all walks of life, in culturally and linguistically meaningful ways. 

Arif Effendi Founder & Executive Director at CiptaAsia Worldwide

 "Selamat Sejahtera Semua! Saya harap semua berada dalam keadaan sihat selalu. 

That is Bahasa Malaysia which means, “Greetings Everyone, hope that all of us is in good health, always!”

My name is Arif Effendi and I am the founder of a boutique communication agency called Cipta Asia, which means Create Asia.

I am excited, to say the least, about the prospects of what tuvuga can offer for all of us here in Malaysia. For one, it provides a unique platform for anyone with specific interests to share, acquire and interact with one another. Hence, it benefits our multilingual Malaysian society more so because of the universal understanding that it brings, plus the immense potential of finding the best solution possible based on the interactive features it provides. 

Additionally, due to its unique global capabilities, corporations and businesses will achieve better success as it offers “integrated” and border-less opportunities to market products and services without barriers. tuvuga’s unique features just cuts across all languages for common appreciation of content on offers. 

I can’t wait for tuvuga to happen as it is an endless opportunity for everyone, especially for organisations with offerings that have greater cause and meaning, which brings out the altruist in all of us."